Salary Comparison for Project Management Professionals in 2013

The median salary of Project Management Professionals has been found to vary with a number of key demographic factors, as per a ‘2013 Salary Survey’ report published by Project Management Institute, PMI, US.  These include factors such as:

  • Country of employment
  • Number of years experience in project management
  • Position / Role
  • Average size of projects managed, including average project budget and average project team size

We present the comparison of salary information for 10 countries from the PMI report.

Country of Employment

The median salary for project management professionals vary widely from country to country.  The country with the highest median salary ($134,658 USD) is Australia, whereas India and China are amongst the countries with the lower range of median salary (around $27,000 USD).



Within the various levels of project managers, salary appears to increase with added responsibility as a person proceeds from being a Project Manager, to a Program Manager, to Portfolio Manager, to the Director of a Project Management Office. There are some exceptions to this order though. In Germany the salary of Director of PMO is less than the salary of Portfolio Manager. The differential salary increase between different levels appears to be low in Japan, China and India.



Number of Years Experience in Project Management

The number of years a person has worked within the project management profession has a direct positive correlation with the salary. Again the difference in median salary varies by country.  A dramatic increase is seen in Nigeria.  The median salary ranges from $19,231 (USD) for those just starting out in the project management field to $61,538 (USD) for those who have been in the field for 10 -15 years.  This represents an increase of nearly 230% from low-to-high experience in the field.  The difference in median salary is not as striking in China.



Project Size (Average No of Team Members and Project Budget)

The size of projects managed, in terms of average number of team members and average project budget, also appears to have a positive correlation with annual salary.

In Nigeria, those managing projects with budgets of $10 million or more earn 96% more than those with projects under $100,000. In Japan and India the figure is around 50% more. In Japan, China and India those managing projects with larger teams (20 or more people) have a median salary that is 30 – 34% higher than those managing teams of 1 to 4 people.

The detailed report gives the salary information of Project Management Professionals for 33 countries.
I thank Mukund Sathe for sharing the ‘2013 PMI Salary Survey Report’.



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