Some Historical Facts and Images


I came across these two articles with historical facts presumably unknown to many, as they were to me, so found them worth sharing.

The section ‘Facts & Trivia’ (on the Menu) includes some informative and interesting articles. In this post I am including some tweets. Retweet is possible from the included tweet itself.


Britain has invaded all countries in the world barring 22 countries at different points in time.


British invasion


Contrary to the common belief that the British rule extended to a quarter of the atlas, a study indicates that barring 22 countries in the world, all other countries have experienced an invasion by the British at different points in time.

Among the select group of nations that have never been invaded by Britain are countries such as Guatemala in Central America, Bolivia, Paraguay in South America, Mali, Chad, Congo in Africa, Monaco, Vatican City, Luxembourg, Sweden in Europe, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Krygyzstan and Mongolia in Central Asia .

The analysis is contained in a new book, All the Countries We’ve Ever Invaded: And the Few We Never Got Round To , written by Stuart Laycock. The complete article is available on World Observer Online dated November 9, 2012.


Haunting images of India’s 1857 uprising against the British


1857 India's Uprising against British

These 19th century photographes were taken by Felice Beato, a native of Corfu, who was one of the world’s first war photographers. The complete article is available on dated Jun 25, 2014.



World War 1 propaganda maps in pictures


World War i propaganda maps

The use of caricatures and cartoons in World War 1 propaganda maps show how cartography can be turned into a rhetoric of war.

In this map, Great Britain, personified as a muscular John Bull, is shown striding across the English Channel to to take charge of Europe in a colourful map of first world war propaganda. The map was published in London at the outbreak of the war, and was intended to show confidence that Germany and its ally Austro-Hungarian empire would be defeated swiftly by the combined might of Russia, France and the British empire.

The complete article can be found on The Guardian dated 3 June 2014.




British have invaded nine out of ten countries- so look out Luxembourg, World Observer Online dated November 9, 2012

Haunting images of India’s 1857 uprising against the British, shot by Felice Beato, dated Jun 25, 2014

The octopuses of war: WW1 propaganda maps in pictures, The Guardian dated 3 June 2014






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