Some facts about distribution of population in the World

11th July was the World Population Day. Here are some facts about population Distribution in the World.

Population Distribution in the World

7.2 billion people are estimated to be inhabiting the earth today of which 1.39 billion people are living in China and 1.29 billion in India.

India Population

If all land on Earth were as densely populated as , entire human could fit in Germany.

World- Relative Distribution of Population

There are more people living inside this circle than outside of it.

World Population Distribution

Countries with Highest and Lowest Population Growth since 1990.

Japan and Czech Republic are the countries with the lowest population growth since 1990.

Population growth lowest

Countries with the highest population growth since 1990 are not China or India but Qatar and UAE.

Population growth largest

Most Populous Cities in the World

10 Top populous cities in the World in 2014 as reported by the UN are :

  1. Tokyo
  2. Delhi
  3. Mexico City,Mumbai,Sao Paulo
  4. Osaka
  5. Beijing
  6. New York-Newark,Cairo

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