Blog Engage – A Helpful community to promote your blog


Business has only two functions – Marketing and innovation.

This quote by Peter Drucker applies just as much to blogging (both personal and business), as it applies to any other business.

The rapid evolution of social media has given a tremendous boost to blogging.  With over 197 million blogs on Tumblr  and users creating 41 million new posts on WordPress each month, it is apparent that the blogosphere is expanding at an amazing pace.

More and more people are taking to blogging and using it as a platform to express their opinion, to create awareness, to provide useful information, or to promote their business. Established businesses are also using blogs to engage with social communities.


Needless to say, it takes effort, planning and perseverance to make your blog a repository of good content that people would want to read, among the huge number of blogs that are available on the web.

First essential characteristic of a good blog is to publish quality content on a regular basis.



It requires creative thinking to continuously come up with new ideas for posts and structure those ideas in a manner that catches and holds the attention of the readers;

But that’s not all about it. 


A blog, when left to its own, seldom attracts a large number of viewers. So, as you keep writing articles, one after the other, it becomes absolutely essential to promote your blog, particularly if you wish that many people should read it.

Hence, the question that crops up next is

‘How to get people to see your blog?’


This calls for exploring ways to promote your blog.



The first thing to do is to share your post with your social network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Another smart way to promote your blog is by sharing your blog in blogging communities.

A Blogging Community lists blog posts by category, so people can find blogs pertaining to a particular topic under one category. It helps your blog post to rank high in search engines and bring organic traffic.

There are many communities where you can submit your content for better exposure.

Here, I’ll tell you about Blog Engage, which is one of the biggest and most popular blog communities that provide blog syndication services to boost visibility of your blog.  With Blog Engage, you can submit your own articles, connect with other like minded bloggers and expand your audience reach.



What makes Blog Engage different from many other communities is that it does not limit self promotion. As you submit your article, it appears on the upcoming page where users, who like your post vote for it. When articles receive enough votes they are then featured on the Blog Engage home page.

Having said that, as in any blogging community in Blog Engage too, you would derive the maximum benefit when you engage with fellow bloggers, share your views about their posts and promote their posts as much as your own. 

Being a paid service, it is free of spam and sends genuine visitors to your blog. You can also get a free Blog Engage Account by writing about the Blog Engage community.

If you have a business blog, but are running short of time to create your own content, Blog Engage also provides services for creating research backed content for business blogs and promoting the blog by posting content in relevant channels.

Blog Engage is a helpful community where members are prepared to help each other succeed and socially share with each other. It is a community where you can engage with savvy bloggers to learn more about the tips and tricks of blogging, SEO techniques and even get new content ideas.

Blog Engage can help you take your blog to the next level of community involvement, thereby increasing your traffic, comments and overall community participation.

Certainly worth trying for all bloggers.


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