Here’s how 3 Brands created an Emotional connect

By Somali K Chakrabarti

A brand is an emotion your customers have associated with your company.

Emotions, it is said are more psychological than logical.

In the fiercely competitive market, where consumers are spoilt for choices owing to the presence of a number of companies that sell similar products, it is only natural that all brands vie for attention.

Yet, amongst the several brands that scream out loud to make their presence felt, there are still a few brands that quietly sneak in into your lives and intertwine with your good memories.

Here’s how 3 brands, instead of imposing their products upon people, chose to form their marketing strategy around the people to create an emotional connect.


1. Creating good memories

TATA AIGFestival times are generally associated with fond memories. These are also the times when many companies expend a chunk of their marketing spend.

Most of the big Navaratri, Durga Puja celebrations are usually sponsored by companies, ranging from jewellery, to real estate, to insurance policies, and a host of others which capitalize on the marketing opportunity for exposure before the huge number of people who join the festivities.

During my visit to one of the Durga pooja celebrations at Andheri, what caught my interest was the different approach of Tata AIG.

Instead of handing out any brochures, two boys went around asking people if they were interested to get themselves clicked. The idea worked like magic. Perhaps the simple joy of getting clicked at the fair was hard to resist for most people. We, too, were happy to accept the offer as we realized that all of us in the family could get photographed together without having to squeeze in into a selfie or requesting someone to click us.

The picture made its way into our sitting room and found its place on the shelf, with Tata AIG displaying in the background.

What could be a better way to connect with people than to connect with their good memories?



 2.  Reconnecting with childhood memories


One day, sometime during the last summer, when I was picking up my weekend groceries, the girl at the super market counter handed me a packet of Jaljeera drink in what looked like a paper-like packaging.

Here was the age old natural Indian drink with a newness to it! Besides the distinct natural flavour, particularly appealing was the simplistic packaging with the sketch of a paper boat drawn on it. It reminded me of those days when I would have stopped by at a street cart to relish a glass of Jaljeera in the summers.

The drink that had so far been generally available with the street vendors or had to be prepared at home, was now introduced as a handy packaged drink, made available at the supermarket. With the growing concerns of hygiene and the increasing number of people (like me), who relish to eat and drink far more than they would ever relish preparing those things, the drink with its typical Indian flavour was a welcome alternative to the carbonated drinks or packaged fruit juices.

Needless to say I have been picking up Paper Boat drinks almost regularly during this summer. Traditional Flavours such as  Jaljeera, Kala Khatta, Golgappe ka pani, Aamras and  Aam panna are not only refreshing during summers, but are also supposed to have some medicinal value.

But that’s not all about it.  The name ‘Paper Boat‘ itself tells a story – story of the time when life was simple; when you would have rejoiced savouring mangoes during your summer holidays, or read a comic book while sipping a glass of Jaljeera to seek relief from the scorching summer sun.

Paper Boat

With its brand philosophy: Life is still beautiful, Paper Boat invariably reminds you of the simple joys of life and of the days gone by, which you might have occasionally yearned for, while presenting a hygienic and less cumbersome option.


 3. Surprise and Delight


The third narrative is about the unique experience that passengers had while waiting to collect their luggage at the domestic arrival lobby at the Bengaluru airport. This was told by a friend, who had travelled to Bengaluru on the given day.

After having landed,  he headed for the conveyor belt to collect his checked in luggage. The lobby looked somewhat different; it had a farm like appearance. As people waited for the luggage to arrive, they came to know that the belt had temporarily stopped working. After a while some exercise cycles were placed next to the conveyor belt and the travelers were told that they could help to get the conveyor belt started if they cycled for a while. The power generated from cycling would get the conveyor belt moving.

My friend along with some others volunteered to cycle. The conveyor belt began to move after sometime. and soon more passengers joined in to cycle.

Sunfeast Farmlite

And lo, what happened! With the luggage bags came out another surprise. Huge baskets of Sunfeast Farmlite biscuits rolled out of the belt with a ‘Pick Me’ message.

That was quite a way to surprise and delight the travelers, introduce them to Farmlite biscuits, while reinforcing the idea that  ‘Staying healthy can be fun’!



Connecting via personal values has 2x the impact than connecting via business values.

~ Mike Miller, Industry Director for Google, at the 2014 Global Business Marketing Association (BMA) Conference, titled From Promotion to Emotion.


No wonder these brands are finding unique ways to connect with the audience and appeal to the emotional psyche.


What are the brands that you associate with good memories with?


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3 thoughts on “Here’s how 3 Brands created an Emotional connect

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog, such a wide range of topics. This one really caught my eye because I teach Business Studies in an international school here in Mumbai and I’m always looking for examples of local products and services to illustrate concepts. Would you mind if I shared this post with my Marketing students?


    1. Thanks for your comments. Nice to know that you enjoyed reading my blog. Please feel free to share the post. Maybe you could ask your students to share their views on the topic/s and cite other examples/ comments on the post itself.


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