The Great Indian Litterbug

 By Somali K Chakrabarti

Litterbug is the name; to litter is his game.

He is one you will adore, for his qualities galore.

This is the story of the 7 year old little Litterbug

Cute little Litterbug is just back from school. Hungry as hell, he throws around his bag and yells for food. His doting mother hands over an apple and some bananas to him. The little Litterbug eats the half apple and throws the other half right out of the window.

My son will grow up to be a great cricketer one day. See how he strives to perfect his aim!’ Mother Litterbug utters aloud drooling over the antics of her lil one.

The banana peel follows the half eaten apple out of the window as she lovingly looks on. He tears open a packet of chips, takes out his notebook, and starts scribbling vigorously to finish his homework before he goes out to play.

Little Litterbug
Little Litterbug


The sums are so tough! Oh dear …you got it wrong.’ tells his mom.

In the spilt of a second Little Litterbug tears off the page, crumples it and there it flies out of the window again. The chips packets are too thin to be thrown out, so he leaves one on the sofa and drops the other one on the floor. His mom understandingly nods.

By the time Little Litterbug finishes off his homework, there is a small dump of half eaten apple, banana peels and crumpled papers outside his window, and chips packets and biscuit wrappers are strewn all over the room. Happily he goes out to play.

The neighbor tries to tell Little Litterbug not to throw things outside, but his mother is all for her son. She dismisses off the neighbor.

This is a small price to pay if my son can improve his play. Till someone trips over & breaks his bones, some litter can surely be borne.’

13 years on

Litterbug has grown up into a fine young man. He hasn’t exactly become a cricketer, but nonetheless he has retained his flair for cricket, and still strives to better his near perfect aim.

He has acquired the taste for all things modern, but holds on to his old habits. He zooms around in his bike with his girlfriend perched on the pillion, dropping cigarette packets on the way every now and then.

Like his father he likes to chew paan, and has learned the technique of liberally spitting it out to make abstract art patterns. The corridors, stairs, buses, roads and trains are his canvas.

Litterbug’s college is an hours drive from his home. He stops midway for tea followed by a quick pee near the garden.  That he believes is his contribution to the growing plants.

Whenever he takes his girlfriend out to some monuments of fame, he makes sure to carve out both his and her name, so that their names remain etched in history.

Litterbug's Work of Art
Litterbug’s Work of Art

Another 10 years have passed.

Mr Litterbug now has a decent salary, a wife, two kids and a car, in which he takes his family out for picnics and on long drives. A doting father and a husband, Mr Litterbug stuffs his car with chocolates, fruits, sandwiches and cold drinks.

These are generally happy occasions, except for the one odd time when someone had spitted from a bus moving alongside his car, which landed right on the neck of Litterbug’s child. Before they could give the person a piece of mind, the bus had moved on. They wiped it off and carried on.

The kids soon forgot and continued with the journey, happily munching the goodies on the way and flinging the wrappers and the orange peels out of the car window….

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13 thoughts on “The Great Indian Litterbug

  1. Bhudeb Chakrabarti Kolkata 24 January 2015
    I found your Blog ” The Great Indian Litterbug” very thought provoking interspersed with great wit and gentle humour .It has a profound message for all of us .Kindly keep writing on such social issues to stir up our conscience.

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