Sounds of Silence

 By Somali K Chakrabarti

The cat jumped out of the well

Read this sentence aloud and then read it again in your mind. What happens? A little voice plays in your mind.  Now try reading this without that little voice in your head. Just give it a go. Could you do it? Of course not! Because that’s how you were taught words; by pronouncing them; by memorizing the sounds first and then spelling them using those sounds.

Now, how do you think a deaf person would read this?

Have you ever tried imagining the shape of sound? How would it be if you had to remember the letter ‘A’ not by its sound, but by the arrangement of the three straight lines? It’s like trying to speak a language without knowing how it is spoken. It is by no means ‘simple’. And it does not make it any easier for those with impaired hearing, when we lose our cool and give up on them, frustrated.

These people are not ‘slow-witted’, ‘unintelligent’, ‘slow learners’ nor do they deserve any of the tags we might impose on them; they just do things differently. Just because their ways aren’t what we’re used to, it doesn’t make them inept.

When treated appropriately, they might as well be capable of achieving more than what is expected of them.  Did you know that Beethoven was almost completely deaf when he composed some of his greatest music?

But many such people are labelled a ‘social rejects’ and have to put up a day to day battle for a dignified existence, All they need is a little bit of our patience, and acknowledgement as an equal.

Sounds of silence

For the hearing impaired people, Sounds of silence; a technology based NGO wants to be a change leader and empower them in their battle against silence and let them express themselves.

Sounds of Silence is an initiative that wishes to fill the lives of million hearing-impaired kids across cities, borders, nations with the beauty of expression and art of communication. Their vision is deafness with dignity and equality, and a society where deaf people have equal opportunities to participate in all walks of life.

Dedicated to work for the development of the Deaf community, they envision a future where deafness is no more a ‘disability’.

Sounds of Silence

They have launched a Campaign on bit-giving to gather funds for Hearing Impaired kids to promote social and cultural awareness among them and provide them with appropriate education and jobs.To create visibility and awareness for the campaign, those who make a donation are requested to post selfies with their hands on mouth and a screenshot of the donation.

If you genuinely feel like making a contribution, in whatever way you see fit, please don’t sit back waiting for the right time. There’s never a right time except, maybe, this time.

Please visit , take a stand and craft a change.


This is a guest post by Yashika Gupta, edited by me. 



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27 thoughts on “Sounds of Silence

  1. Hey! A laudable initiative to make a difference to lives. Love how you started the post, I read it, imagined in my head and a third time, imagining the sounds. The hearing impaired are not unintelligent but the proper channels needed to support them.

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  2. Very touching post. In our needless daily hustle and bustle, we don’t even give a thought to such things. Just take them for granted. As one of our teachers rightly said “Have an attitude of gratitude at every moment of your life”. I can also imagine what the musicians Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel must have in their minds when they composed their popular song “Sounds of Silence” 🙂

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  3. A very moving post. The Hearing Impaired People have great abilities and our society has to make use of their talents. Louis Braille blind from the age of three studied organ playing and became Professor of Institution des Jeunes Aveugles in Paris .In 1829 he devised a system of raised point writing which the blind could both read and write. The greater the handicap the greater the spirit to surmount it

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  4. An offbeat and touching post! It’s a laudable effort! Thanks a lot for highlighting it! Ludwig Van Beethoven was stone deaf when he wrote his famous 5th Symphony in G Minor. I think it’s G minor, I may be wrong, but it’s 5th Symphony all right! The point is, ears are as important as eyes.

    A great job!


  5. Very good post Somali! These are things which we think about for a moment and then just move on to the next thing, without doing much..thanks for taking the initiative to talk about it. Its a reminder for all of us of our responsibility towards society.


  6. If you genuinely feel like making a contribution, in whatever way you see fit, please don’t sit back waiting for the right time. There’s never a right time except, maybe, this time. Very thoughtful gesture and I think its a way to live for others . Thnx to yashika and u too for producing this post .


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