Lei – Path To Zen

Geetashree Chatterjee is one of those few writers, who write amazingly well in three languages – English, Hindi and Bengali, to the extent that it is hard to point out the language in which she expresses herself the best. With an impeccable diction and in her distinctive style, she gracefully echoes her thoughts through her poetry, short stories, reviews and commentaries.
I am very grateful to GC for sparing the time to read and write a review for my book ‘Lei: A wreath for your soul’ on her blog ‘panaecea -A Series Of Soul Bytes Just For You’
‘One of those thought provoking bed-time books which make you relax as well as prod you to ponder on life!’ is how Geetashree describes the book. Thanks a ton GC.
Here is a reblog of the post. Check it out for yourself.


LEI - PATH TO ZENGenre is immaterial for me when it comes to poetry. Cadence cannot be imprisoned in any prescribed format. Beauty of poetry lies in freedom of choice of expression. Freedom, which the poet enjoys, by way of his personal preference towards a mode by which he/she wishes to voice his/her thoughts, or in absolute contrast, reinforce reticence. This mode may be a rhyming or a blank verse, a Haiku or a Tanka, an Etheree or a Sonnet, or simply prose poetry.

One may, at this point, ask how or why the poet can reserve his/her views while in the process of explicitly wording his/her thoughts. To this I say therein lies the magic of poetry – that beatific amalgamation of  the said  and the unsaid, the story expressly told and the tales implicit in the untold, what is spoken in so many words and what remains unspoken in deliberate silences, in…

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19 thoughts on “Lei – Path To Zen

  1. Indeed Somali, she has brilliant captured the essence and nuances of the thoughts that has gone into crafting the beauty in the book. Yes, I fully agree with her the kind of magical imageries and it’s usage,the reckless abundance which is truly picture perfect. I loved this statement of her “There is no faction between illusion and reality as there is no friction between her vocation and avocation…” The book has everything for a ardent reader and you desire all the kudos.

    By the way, I was little tied up and also there is change in my domain name, the new one is (www.makeupandbreakup.com), I have lot of pending posts of yours to be read. Looking forward to our lovely interaction from my new domain.
    Have a lovely weekend.

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    1. Hi Nihar, So good to hear from you. Congratulations on the new domain name. It is actually considered good to have the domain name based on the name of your book, Look forward to your posts on the new domain. Have a nice weekend. 🙂


      1. Thanks so much Somali, just missed lot of your post, was travelling and tied up at various front. Just started reading your posts and always so refreshing and inspiring to your read your beautiful thoughts so well articulated. I am also looking forward to our exchange of ideas from the new place…:D

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          1. No problem, I can understand, take your time…I can see the book of yours is doing good, I have so happy about it…it desires all the kudos…
            Looking forward to your observation on the new look of the site…


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