Morning ‘Love’

A lovely click by fellow blogger Nandini makes a perfect muse for nature poetry.

Life Just Is

Today morning after the walk, I looked up and was welcomed by this perfect composition. I had to capture it and thank goodness phone camera was with me.

Can you spot a heart?


Here’s a Tanka written just for this post by a lovely fellow blogger Somali:
Swaying to music
in air, twigs bath in soft glow
of morning sky; looking
down, the heaven smiles on earth,
greets with a heart full of joy

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23 thoughts on “Morning ‘Love’

  1. I don’t know what’s more beautiful, the image or the tanka….

    I don’t know anything about tanka. I’m an expert in photography. But, I cannot let my expertise and experience cloud my judgement, can I?

    I loved the way the twigs guided me. The way they showed me the day, jaise koi bachha kisi budhe ko raah dikhaye!

    I love the heaven part, Somali. Wish heaven could really guide us. You are so beautiful, the way you compose!

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