With a Hobby-Make your Life Fantastico

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Hobby Fantastico

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You’re jaded, and 

want to add a little zest to your life

Pick up a hobby – play a sport, go on a drive,

Listen to music, prime your canvas, or explore wildlife;

Make a change for good, give to the society something back,

Life is not only about making a living, but also about making an Impact

You will never feel lonely, with a passion, a hobby that you love,

While navigating through the life’s crests and troughs;

A peppy interest, much like a Zippy car ride,

Will zing your life, relax your mind

Give it a shot,

Give it a Go

Live Life


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There’s no refuting the fact that life can be stressful at times. When you are bored and jaded in life, a hobby can pull you out of the monotony of your routine, and make your day enjoyable.

Here’s the complete post on how Picking up a Hobby helps to Live Life Fantastico on Life11

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31 thoughts on “With a Hobby-Make your Life Fantastico

  1. Lovely post Somali. I have been hearing the word Fantastico quite often these days. Hope it’s a new gen word to be added to oxford dictionaries, like lol, lol

    I loved the idea you expressed. If you can make your hobby pay, then that’s the best thing. 🙂


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  2. Very well written Somali.. We have to do what we love to do and that will keep always satisfied with what we do. Taking up a hobby will make our otherwise ordinary life extraordinary and lively.. Have a great weekend.. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Amod. That used to be the case for most of the science students – the expectation of being a doctor or an engineer. Incidentally I realized how good it is to have a hobby after I picked up this habit of writing. 🙂


  3. Indeed Somali, life is full of things but many times we get engaged with things and work that are stressful and we need the break, the much needed break to get us restarted. It needs the gentle push, it needs the bout of inspiration and it needs the break from the mundane and the monotony that we get caught and we need to free ourselves and get us zest to get going.

    Yes, these small changes from exploring the nature to capture the imagination on the canvas, to going for cycle ride to walking the forest makes us relaxed and makes us feel better and makes our emotions align and express without any prejudices and without constraints…

    Hobby and our passion are such wonderful engagement we should keep ourselves in that zone of playing and cherishing the smaller things in life and not get lost in our daily routine work and not knowing what to do when we are lost in the wilderness…

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