Space In A Relationship

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Relations need space

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In continuation with the previous post on Relationships here is another one on a different aspect of relationship, which applies to both personal as well as professional relationships.

Gravity is known to attract, but other forces such as Dark energy (known as an unknown form of energy) work to push the universe apart. This analogy is extended for relationships.  Relations need optimal space to grow. While proximity helps a relationship to grow,  sometimes, distance may cause hearts either to grow fonder, and at times, too much encroachment into each others space may stifle a relationship.

What’s your take on relations and space?


Shifting arrays like

space, relations shrink or swell;

Sometimes, hearts 

span a vast expanse to meet

At times, gravity repels!

** Tanka


Those of you who are interested  in reading about Dark Energy can refer to the links below

What is dark energy?

Is Dark Energy Really “Repulsive Gravity”?



A Haiku is a Japanese poem consisting of 17 syllables in 3 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the second.

A Tanka is a Japanese poem consisting of 31 syllables in 5 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the others.


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35 thoughts on “Space In A Relationship

  1. Agree 100% Somali. Just like that saying “too much of a good thing is also bad” so also we know “distance lends enchantment to the view”. This holds good for every relationship, whether spouses or children or any other. Often even children don’t like to be patronised and we hear “get off my back!” 🙂 Well written from you, very striking and and a reminder too. Thx

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  2. Space is essential for a relationship to survive and prosper in a lively way. Obsessiveness is definitely detrimental to a relationship. There should be a balance between proximity and space as regards our relationship with our near and dear ones. You have raised a pertinent issue and dealt it well. Yes, too much gravity sometimes repels also.

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  3. Any close relationship is a constantly active with a throbbing life of it’s own. The space in it is what renders a sense of balance and serenity to it. A lovely thought indeed. 🙂
    Here’s hoping you’ll check out my blog too.


  4. Dark Energy!

    During my school days, I once read a short story by Prof Jayant Narlikar in Marathi. It was about antimatter. I didn’t understand much then, but later when I understood things better, I got the concept. It was a Trojan Horse type tale with antimatter as the Trojans.

    Dark Energy indeed sucks up the positive one and leaves a shell of happiness behind. Vedas refer to this phenomenon as Tamasik, which is essentially the same concept.

    Lovely concept!

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  5. Antimatter didn’t matter when it was taught to you. 🙂 Well I used to be fascinated by the concept of antimattter because as far as I remember, antimatter + matter would annihilate if they ever came together. I am not sure if dark energy is the same as antimatter. It may not be. The concept is that if gravity was the only force operating universe would shrink however that’s not the case as universe is supposed to be expanding. Some unknown form of energy (dark energy) causes the distance between heavenly bodies to increase. 🙂

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    1. You are right. The universe is indeed expanding, in spite of all that gravity. I’ll go through those links you posted. Dark Energy indeed seems intriguing and I’m always attracted towards dark, anyway! 😀

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