Affimity – The Next Gen Social Network for Bloggers

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Quote for writers


Tell a story. Make it true. Make it compelling. Make it relevant.  

I completely believe in this advice, except that I think that it is incomplete.

Why do I say so?

It is because a good story much reach the right audience.

A writer’s effort doesn’t pay off till the time a story reaches people who might be interested in the reading it. Aren’t we bloggers and writers a bunch of passionate people who crave for the attention of their readers? If we want the attention of our readers, we must know where they are, or where to get them from.

Social media has made it easy to an extent to disseminate your content and creations, but still social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter often cause a lot of noise and clutter.

To have a targeted set of audience to your blog, you need to find people who share the same interests as yours. Affimity, a Next Gen Social Media app helps you to do just that.

Find out how you can Tap the Power of Social Blogging with Affimity.


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