Train of Hope

By Somali K Chakrabarti

Train of Hope
Rain,Steam and Speed/JMWTurner/1844

Image Source

Arising from mist

of mind, the train of hope appears

On a track of faith!

“Rain, Steam and Speed – The Great Western Railway” is an oil painting by the 19th century British painter J. M. W. Turner. The painting was first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1844. It is now in the collection of the National Gallery, London.


A Haiku is a Japanese poem consisting of 17 syllables in 3 lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines and 7 in the second.


Lei: A wreath for your soul  is a string of short poems reflecting on nature, life, illusion and inspiration.Lei




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67 thoughts on “Train of Hope

  1. We are all passengers of train of life. Rabindranath Tagore wrote a beautiful poem” E pran rater rail Gari”( The life is like the night train”. You have gifted us a beautiful Haiku along with a oil painting “Rain ,Steam and Speed” by JMW Turner.

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  2. An eternal philosophy presented in the minimum no. of words with the wonderful usage of the classic painting of JMW Turner. I would love to learn this Haiku of yours by heart. You never need more than a handful of words to convey what you purport to convey. And that’s the trait of a genius. Compliments Somali Ji.

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  3. Somali you have beautifully encapsulated…mist and mind, train and track. Lovely choice of words and each words speaks volumes. And you pick of the painting from 1844, is just magical. I have very little understanding of the abstract painting and try a get a hang of the modern art and I have lot of interest and inquisitiveness to study the color and combination crafted on the canvas but I keep failing being a good interpreter of paintings especially the abstract one.

    This train painting emerging out of the mist indeed captures my imagination, perhaps the greatness lies in its simplicity of conceptualizing the idea.

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      1. I agree Somali, arts are something that keeps questioning our imagination and our ability to interpret something concrete from abstract…
        By the way I was trying to comment in the Goddess and Demon, and the comment section is not showing up…pls check it up.

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          1. Oh! I see…I was wandering what happened, I thought it may be a technical snag…

            Nevertheless, it was a beautiful post and I have always admired Sudarshan Pattnaik’s imagination and his ability to put that imagination into such beauty on sand, indeed leaves his hallmark as a great artist and in such an unique form of artistry…

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              1. By the way Somali no such comment is in my spam folder for which post you wrote the comment, will check once again…
                Yes different such art forms adds real variety to the artistic repository.


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