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I am Somali K Chakrabarti – an avid blogger and a social media enthusiast, with an appreciation for language, art and culture. An Engineer by education, and a Sloan Fellow from London Business School, I have been writing extensively, blogging and building online communities. My book ‘Lei: A wreath for your soul‘, is a collection of short poems to celebrate nature and reflect on life.

Here’s a sample preview.


About Scribble and Scrawl


 Imagination and creativity are the catalysts for innovation


Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected. ~ William Plower

A creative mind, when channelized and inspired, provides the stimulus for innovative ideas.

Echoing this philosophy, Scribble and Scrawl is a reflection of my views, knowledge and insights on Leadership, Creativity, Innovation and Inspiration. This blog draws from different disciplines such as art, philosophy, culture, history, behavioral science, technology, management, and leadership, with an aim to:

  • Inspire, motivate, help readers in their personal development
  • Stimulate imagination and creativity, and bring up some ideas worth a thought
  • Raise awareness about environmental sustainability
  • Talk about on social issues 
  • Showcase examples of innovation

My objective is to write in a fairly simple and understandable way avoiding the use of jargon so that most people can relate to the writings.

I strive to provoke thought and imagination, present an objective analysis of issues consciously trying to avoid biases, and support my opinion with publicly available information or research-backed data.

Life11 – A wellness Lifestyle blog is my other blog that motivates readers to live a positive, fulfilling lifestyle.

My Aha! moment from blogging came when I received the best blogger award from Mr Vikram Chandra and Mr Amitabh Bachchan for Dettol- NDTV Banega Swachh India campaign on 14th Dec, 2014 and got an opportunity to contribute for the cause.

Banega Swachh India - Best Blogger Award
Receiving Award at Banega Swachh India NDTV Cleanathon

The other moments of cheer were :


  1. Appeared in world’s Top 75 Self Improvement and Personal Development Blogs and Websites by Feedspot in 2016.
  2. Selected as one of the Top 15 Self Improvement Blogs in India by Baggout.com in 2015.
  3. Appreciation and comments from Dr Kiran Majumdar Shaw (Chairperson & MD of Biocon Ltd.) on the post : Building a ‘Responsible India.
  4. Retweet by Dr Kiran Majumdar Shaw of the post : Frugal Innovation – bringing Grassroot creativity to the Global stage 
  5. Retweet by Dr Nirmalya Kumar (Member – Group Executive Council of Tata Sons) of the posts : Invisible Innovation in India, How Far Will The Jaguar LeapWhy Storytelling is a Powerful Business Skill
  6. Runner up entry for Lufthansa’s contest : Why the World is More Indian Than You Think
  7. Runner up entry for Digital India contest: Digital India – An Initiative To Transform Lives
  8. Runner up entry for Takeaway level Singapore contest : Vegetarian Fusion food in Singapore  

If you like this blog or would like to spread the word around about any examples of innovation, CSR initiatives, or initiatives to promote art and culture or campaign reviews please leave a comment below or you may drop in a mail at schakrabarti.sln2010@gmail.com 

I would like to keep the Blog Award Free and Challenge Free. Your visits, comments and likes are the best awards for me. No awards can surpass the perspective gained by interaction with wonderful fellow bloggers.


~ Somali


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