A Little Extra that we Indians love

By Somali K Chakrabarti

The Extra Tomato

Sitabai’, a vegetable seller was a regular at our house in Mumbai.  Every morning at around 11 AM, she would come, carrying over her head, her basket of fresh vegetables. She went from door to door selling vegetables in all buildings in our housing society. Sitabai never budged on prices, so there was not much point in haggling over prices with her.

She would ring the doorbell each morning. We helped her to put down her basket and she would sit on the floor near the steps. My daughter, then a little girl, less than two years of age, would watch the whole proceedings with a lot of interest, and one day while we were selecting vegatables from Sitabai’s basket, she picked up a bright red tomato. Sitabai happily let her take the tomato and gave her another one. When we offered to pay the price for the two tomatoes, Sitabai refused to take it.

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The extra tomato was a huge treat for the little one. Sitabai had gained an ardent admirer. Every day, my daughter looked forward to her visit, and leaving aside all other activities, she would appear in front of Sitabai, adorning a charming smile on her face to claim her extra tomato.

This continued for the entire duration of our stay in that house for a year and a half, till we moved out.

It has been more than 15 years, Sitabai still remains in our memory for the little extra that we got from her.


Cutting Chai

We Indians love to get a little extra. Maybe it is ingrained in our culture or in our genes.

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In Mumbai, we love to order ‘cutting chai’; though the word refers to half a glass of tea, but in actual, you’ll find the glass to be 60-70 % filled, which is more than 50 % as suggested by the name. Again, the little extra makes it more fulfilling to go for ‘cutting chai’, a couple of times in a day than to have a full glass of tea.

We like our vada pav with a little more chutney and our pizza with extra cheese. We take it as our right to claim an extra dry paanipuri at the end when we line up to have paanipuri.

Our moms and aunts like to shower their affection by serving paranthas with an extra dollop of butter or by adding an extra sweet in our meal.

Song and Dance – The Extra Add-on in Indian cinema

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We love our cinema with a little extra dose of emotions, colours, sounds, drama, songs and dance. The riot of colours, melodies, props and dancing styles in the song and dance sequences are the extra add-ons that make our movies so special for us. We find the movies that give us the extra dose of fun to be Total ‘Paisa Vasool‘ !


Extra Value 

Our love for getting a little extra, results in the quest of scientist and engineers to design and develop products that give us some extra value for the money spent. A case in point is the successful Mars Mission, launched by the Indian space scientists, using home-grown technology, at a shoestring budget.

Image credit:  http://www.theelephantcompany.com/
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When we travel, we always like to carry a little extra baggage, so that we are well equipped at all points of time during our travel. We also like to accompany our loved ones to the station or the airport, to see them off so that we can be with them for a little more time. 🙂


Lufthansa’s premium economy class, also offers you something extra to look forward to.

It is an an upgraded economy class that allows:

  • Free baggage upto 2 X 50 lbs. That is twice the permitted free checked in baggage allowance than in Economy Class.
  • Extra space to stretch out your legs and put your feet up.
  • A drink holder in the arm rest, so that you can have your drink always at hand.
  • A sleep mask to help you get to sleep, a moist towel wipe and a tooth brush to freshen you up.
  • A fold-able sturdy table that can transform your seat into your office.
  • A socket and USB port to give you more power for work
  • A little extra entertainment with a big screen, movies and loads of games to keep you entertained on long haul flights.

With Lufthansa Premium Economy

You stay in- flight 

As fresh as Dew,

And find that Extra Value

To always be the

Non Stop You !

Doesn’t that sound like a ‘Paisa Vasool’ flight experience  with #LufthansaPremiumEconomy ?


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50 thoughts on “A Little Extra that we Indians love

  1. Yes we Indians are always very happy to get something extra. All the extras discussed here are very true to Indians especially “We take it as our right to claim an extra dry paanipuri at the end when we line up to have paanipuri.”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Used to be in Calcutta you could tell the bus conductor you had no idea where to get off to get to your destination. He would then find you in advance of your stop, tell you to get off at the most convenient stop and possibly get off and give further directions… extra!

    Last time I flew Lufthansa my knees were in the back of the guy in front and my nose about 6 inches from his reclining seat. I suppose the extra is worth it then…. but how much “extra” do I have to pay over the already expensive fare?


    1. I have a similar experience in Kolkata pretty long back, so can understand the extra that you have mentioned here. Incidentally I have flown Lufthansa via Dusseldorf . That too was quite sometime back, so I agree that extra might be worth considering ….you just need to click the link to see how much extra you have to pay for it. 🙂


  3. I fully agree with you. We always look for the extra in every thing, be it shaving cream or biscuit packet. And when we get the extra dry paanipuri we really feel’paisa wasool’. Really enjoyed reading the post. Very nicely compiled.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Its so true Somali and the way you have put it … hilarious! All points from Extra dose of Masala entertainment to the one tomato-one admirer incident, you have related it with the topic really well . Hidustani dil kehta hai ” Aur Dikhao, aur Dikaho… ” 😀 😀

    PS -loved the fourth images to bits 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! This was a very interesting read. I didn’t know this is what cutting chai meant since we don’t have it in this part of the country 🙂
    And yeah I always like to have my pizza with extra cheese 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Freebies is guess ingrained in the Indian psyche. Lots of useless stuff has been sold bundled with something more meaningless however when meaningless and more meaningless was available it became a real deal. Starts with the golgappa seller giving the dry puri to make your life more meaningful. I bet all you well heeled gentry have reminded the guy whenever he has failed to oblige.


      1. In Hindi only. I guess, the term mainly used in Bihar. In Gurgaon, when I asked for it, the shopkeeper said “You mean Seva” and I affirmed smiling. He gave me free coriander leaves and green chilies. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Beautifully written post Somali ,specially the tomato and golgappa . From road side vendors to big brands ,they all try to attract potential customers by offering free ‘dhania patti’ or by 30% to 50% discount. They know the attraction of getting something extra or free is magnetic.
    Best of luck for the contest Somali.

    Liked by 1 person

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